Pro and Con: Drafting a Wide Receiver #1

Troy Williamson should be available at #9

According to reports, most of the top receiver prospects in the draft have visited Redskins Park in recent days. The Redskins almost certainly will have their choice of at least a few of them when the ninth selection comes up. Should they pull the trigger?


To succeed in today's NFL, an offense needs weapons and the more the better. The Redskins have one at running back, possibly another at H-back, they need to make sure that they have one at wide receiver. Sure, Patten and Moss have good speed and can get behind a defense, but neither of them has ever been known to cause a single sleepless night for an NFL defensive coordinator.

If you can get a Braylon Edwards or a Mike Williams, who would tower over opposing defensive backs, you do it and don't think twice. If you can land the blurry-fast speed of Troy Williamson or Mark Clayton's knack for the YAC, you do it in a heartbeat. A top-flight weapon at receiver will create running room for Portis, make space in the zones underneath for Chris Cooley, and will permit Patrick Ramsey to exercise that cannon arm of his instead of wasting it on all of those WR screens we saw last year.


Haven't we heard this before, going back to Desmond Howard and Michael Westbrook in the 90's? More recently, the Redskins have invested first round picks in Gardner and Coles and we've seen how those have worked out. First-round wideouts are a big crap shoot and even the ones that work out take a two or three years to develop; by that time the Redskins will have to be rebuilding again.

It's a myth that a team needs a real big WR or a real fast one to be the "Number 1" receiver. You need look no further than the current Super Bowl champion Patriots as evidence of that. A good ensemble can work as well as having a top dog and a group of puppies. Remember The Smurfs? Remember the Posse?

As pointed out above, the Redskins have invested heavily in receivers in recent seasons at the expense of other positions. This draft needs to be used to fill other needs. Recommended Stories

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