Drill Down: Skins Special Teams vs. Panthers

John Hall appears to have it made

Drill Down--Improved special teams play was among the goals of the Redskins heading into the 2005 season. Against the Panthers on Saturday, the play was spotty, although there were some very good individual efforts. Here's a boot by boot summery of each special teams play (excluding extra points) that the Redskins and Panthers had during the preseason game. (A free preview of premium content)

First Quarter:

4-J.Kasay kicks 68 yards from CAR 30 to WAS 2. 86-A.Brown to WAS 19 for 17 yards (32-R.Smart).

Brown took the kickoff on one hop and headed to the right. The wedge did not block very effectively as three blockers went after one Panther, allowing several others to fly through and make the tackle.

4-J.Kasay kicks 67 yards from CAR 30 to WAS 3. 86-A.Brown to WAS 21 for 18 yards (50-V.Ciurciu).

The kick was high in the air and Brown fielded it about 10 yards from the sideline. The wedge began to form briefly but it was quickly busted and Brown was brought down.

(6:18) 19-T.Tupa punts 46 yards to CAR 24, Center-71A-E.Albright. 89-S.Smith to CAR 35 for 11 yards (20-P.Prioleau).

This was a low, line drive kick that gave Steve Smith a good return opportunity. He eluded the initial wave of tacklers and broke to the left. Prioleau showed professional discipline by keeping containment on the outside and he made the tackle.

(4:34) 8-T.Rouen punts 44 yards to WAS 7, Center-56-J.Kyle, fair catch by 86-A.Brown.

High punt, no chance for return. Brown violated the rule of thumb (anyone else notice that it no longer seems to be a cardinal rule, not just for the Skins but for everyone?) about not fielding a punt inside the 10, but it was close and the punt was high enough so that the chances of the Redskins winding up well inside the five.

Second Quarter:

(15:00) 19-T.Tupa punts 25 yards to CAR 12, Center-41-B.Kozlowski, ball declared dead.

This was a typical Tupa pooch; it went way up, traveled only about 17 yards in the air, hit around the 20, took a Redskins roll down to the 12 where it was downed. It didn't help his average much, but it was very effective.

(12:53) 8-T.Rouen punts 46 yards to WAS 21, Center-56-J.Kyle. 86-A.Brown to WAS 26 for 5 yards (88-K.Hankton).

Another high punt by Rouen, great coverage by Panthers, Brown just fielded it and went straight ahead for whatever he could get. That was five yards before three Panthers converged on him.

(11:22) 19-T.Tupa punts 43 yards to CAR 23, Center-71A-E.Albright. 5-E.Hill to CAR 36 for 13 yards (58-C.Clemons).

This was another line drive punt by Tupa. It had good distance but all Hill had to do for Carolina was field it and run untouched while the coverage got downfield. Once they got there, they made a sure tackle, but the punt only netted 30

4-J.Kasay kicks 69 yards from CAR 30 to WAS 1. 86-A.Brown to WAS 16 for 15 yards (27-M.McCree).

McCree made a nice, open field tackle, tripping up Brown as he flew by at the 16. There were other coverage men in the area, and the nice tackle saved the Panthers about 5-10 yards.

(5:00) 19-T.Tupa punts 40 yards to CAR 25, Center-71A-E.Albright. 5-E.Hill to CAR 26 for 1 yard (51-B.Barnes; 41-B.Kozlowski).

This punt did have good hang time and Matt Bowen got downfield, collared Hill and threw him to the ground.

(:53) 4-J.Kasay 39 yard field goal is BLOCKED (91-C.Killings), Center-56-J.Kyle, Holder-81-R.Proehl, RECOVERED by WAS-21-S.Taylor at WAS 24. 21-S.Taylor to WAS 42 for 18 yards (56-J.Kyle).

It was very hard to see who blocked the field goal. I'm not so sure it was Killings as the play by play said. The kick was so low that any number of Skins could have blocked it. The laterals that ensued would have been appropriate had less time been left in the half, ie none.

(:03) 10-J.Hall 43 yard field goal is GOOD, Holder-19-T.Tupa.

Tupa got Albright's slightly high snap down nicely and Hall's attempt from the right hash mark had plenty of distance and was well inside the left upright.

Third Quarter:

5-J.Chandler kicks 70 yards from WAS 30 to end zone, Touchback.

Smart fielded the kick a couple of yards deep in the end zone while backpedaling and immediately downed it.

(13:29) 8-T.Rouen punts 38 yards to WAS 27, Center-56-J.Kyle. 86-A.Brown to WAS 47 for 20 yards (47-T.Davis).

Actually, Jason Baker kicked this one (you see, even the NFL has a hard time tracking who goes in and out of these games). He won't make the team if he kicks this short. Due to the short distance, some of the coverage team overran Brown, giving his some room to operate. He picked up a nice block from an unidentified Redskin, cut up field and stayed inbounds as tacklers drew near and fought for an additional few yards.

(10:01) 5-J.Chandler 42 yard field goal is No Good, Wide Left, Center-71A-E.Albright, Holder-2-A.Groom.

Good snap, good hold and Chandler's attempt from the left hash mark drifted a little to the left and was wide.

(8:32) 7-J.Baker punts 60 yards to WAS 15, Center-41-A.Johnson. 14-R.Parson to WAS 18 for 3 yards (37-N.Goings).

A boomer by the properly-identified Baker this time. Parson fielded it going backwards and ran laterally, finding no room before cutting up field for a few yards.

5-J.Chandler kicks 70 yards from WAS 30 to CAR 0. 22-J.Robertson to CAR 23 for 23 yards (59-R.McCune).

This time they anticipated Chandler's depth and Robertson was lined up on the goal line to field the kick. He ran unchallenged until he got to the 20 where the tacklers converged and he was brought down by a group of Redskins.

(14:05) 8-T.Rouen punts 44 yards to WAS 26, Center-41-A.Johnson, downed by CAR-22-J.Robertson.

Rouen back in, Parson made a fair catch of one punt at the 18. A penalty forced a rekick and this time Rouen's punt was not a good one as it bounced at around the 32 and rolled a little ways before being downed.

Fourth Quarter:

4-J.Kasay kicks 64 yards from CAR 35 to WAS 1. 12-S.Harris, Touchback.

Kasay was kicking from his 35 after a penalty on the point after. The ball was fielded 8 yards deep in end zone, no chance for return

(7:43) 2-A.Groom punts 51 yards to CAR 10, Center-41-B.Kozlowski. 5-E.Hill pushed ob at 50 for 40 yards (36-N.Broughton).

Groom outkicked his coverage, giving Hill a chance to build up a head of steam after the gunners were knocked out of the play. Broughton made a nice tackle, but he was the first Redskin to come near him during the 40-yard return.

4-J.Kasay kicks 69 yards from CAR 30 to WAS 1. 12-S.Harris to WAS 25 for 24 yards (40-M.Floyd).

Harris did a nice job of picking his way through a crowd, getting a decent return on a good kick by Kasay.


(1:46) 8-T.Rouen punts 41 yards to WAS 34, Center-41-A.Johnson. 14-R.Parson pushed ob at WAS 35 for 1 yard (27-M.McCree).

Parson fielded Rouen's wobbly kick and faced a wall of white jerseys. He headed right and backwards a bit before turning forward and out of bounds for a yard.


Like the rest of the game, some good, some bad. The punt coverage was disappointing, giving up that 40-yard return late in the game and the 13-yarder earlier. You could say, however, that the punter had some culpability in both of those as Tupa's kick was a line drive and Groom outkicked his coverage. Nothing special on returns except for the one 20-yarder by Brown in the third quarter. No kickoff return had a chance to go anywhere, the wedge needs some work. It's difficult to see Chandler making the team unless Gibbs decides to keep a kickoff specialist and that's highly unlikely.

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