Drill Down: Special Teams vs. Ravens

Hall is one of the sure things on special teams

Once again, the special teams were one of the big stories coming out of the Redskins' preseason game. Here is play-by-play analysis of the Redskins' special teams plays along with some audio of Joe Gibbs commenting on the play and players.

The focus was on the special teams for two main reasons. First there was the battle for the punter job between Andy Groom and veteran Chris Mohr. It appears that, based on this game alone, that Groom won that battle but he didn't knock the veteran out and the competition there is too close to call. The second reason was all of the penalties and, as you can see, many of the calls were made on players who are expected to make the team and contribute on special teams.

Joe Gibbs full postgame comments 09.01.05 Audio

Joe Gibbs full press conference on Friday 09.02.05 Audio

10-J.Hall kicks 65 yards from WAS 30 to BLT 5. 36-B.Sams to BLT 25 for 20 yards (23-A.Jimoh).

A low kick that gave a good chance for a return. Jimoh did a nice job cutting in to make the tackle.

4-3-BAL32(13:10) D.Zastudil punts 43 yards to WAS 25. A.Brown to WAS 36 for 11 yards (C.Williams).
PENALTY on WAS-C.Rogers, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at WAS 26. Penalty on WAS-C.Portis, Illegal Block Above the Waist, declined.

It actually was #36, Nemo Broughton that made the blatant block in the back. And, actually, the Ravens accepted that penalty and not the hold on Rogers. Actually, it was a pretty sloppy play, the kind that is supposed to disappear.

Gibbs on special teams general 09.02.05 Audio

4-11-WAS 31(10:33) 15-C.Mohr punts 33 yards to BLT 36, Center-71-E.Albright, downed by WAS-31-R.Cartwright.

Not an impressive first effort, it kind of died and took a bounce that slightly favored the Ravens before Cartwright downed it.

4-1-BLT 45(8:37) 15-D.Zastudil punts 35 yards to WAS 20, Center-70-M.Katula. 86-A.Brown to WAS 21 for 1 yard (96-A.Thomas). PENALTY on WAS-83-J.Thrash, Illegal Block Above the Waist, 10 yards, enforced at WAS 21.

This wasn't really a one-yard return, Brown wasn't quite in position to field the ball and he lunged forward in a risky maneuver to catch it and he slid forward for a yard before being downed. Another flag, another 10 yards of real estate given up.

4-1-WAS 33(5:52) 15-C.Mohr punts 42 yards to BLT 25, Center-71-E.Albright. 36-B.Sams to BLT 46 for 21 yards (50-K.Campbell).

A low line drive that Sams fielded with nobody within 10 yards of him. All he had to do was run to the outside, turn the corner and he picked up the 21 yards before anyone really came near him. Nets of 33 and 21 yards on Mohr's first two punts, not a good start.

4-5-WAS 30(4:03) 3-M.Stover 48 yard field goal is BLOCKED (50-K.Campbell), Center-70-M.Katula, Holder-15-D.Zastudil.

Some good old-fashioned push up the middle led to this block. It was hard to tell if Campbell actually blocked it or if it was Demetric Evans who got the tip. In either case, it wasn't a very good kick by Stover, very low.

4-6-WAS 42(2:46) 15-C.Mohr punts 42 yards to BLT 16, Center-71-E.Albright, fair catch by 36-B.Sams.

A nice, high boomer this time from Mohr, the coverage was all over Sams as he made the fair catch

4-10-BLT 16(1:48) 15-D.Zastudil punts 42 yards to WAS 42, Center-70-M.Katula. 86-A.Brown to BLT 49 for 9 yards (49-C.Williams). PENALTY on WAS-37-R.Brown, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at BLT 49.

A nice little nine-yard return into Baltimore territory by Brown. He started up the middle and then cut to the left to pick up the yardage. Of course, Rufus Brown was guilty of holding, just a little grab of a Raven who was turning to head towards Brown, but right there in front of the zebras, that will get you a flag every time.

Gibbs "disappointed" in Brown's play 09.01.05 Audio

Gibbs is non-commital about Brown making the team 09.02.05 Audio

Second Quarter

4-10-BLT 10(12:05) 10-J.Hall 28 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-71-E.Albright, Holder-15-C.Mohr. WAS 3 BLT 0, 10 plays, 49 yards, 4:36 drive, 2:59 elapsed

A routine play, good snap, good hold by Mohr, good kick.

10-J.Hall kicks 63 yards from WAS 30 to BLT 7. 36-B.Sams to BLT 24 for 17 yards (37-R.Brown).

A nice ankle tackle by Rufus Brown that saved another five yards on the return.

4-2-BLT 32(9:43) 15-D.Zastudil punts 47 yards to WAS 21, Center-70-M.Katula. 86-A.Brown to WAS 35 for 14 yards (49-C.Williams). PENALTY on WAS-73-R.Boschetti, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at WAS 21.

This is getting repetitive. Nice little return by Brown, mostly on his own, but it's wiped out by a holding penalty.

4-16-WAS 5(8:24) 15-C.Mohr punts 42 yards to WAS 47, Center-71-E.Albright. 89-M.Clayton to WAS 43 for 4 yards (51-B.Barnes).

This was actually a second punt, the first have been wiped out by an unsportsmanlike conduct call when Jimmy Farris went out of bounds. Clayton scrambled in a crowd for the return. The penalty cost the Redskins about 10 yards, which proved to be crucial as Stover made a 40-yard field goal in the subsequent drive.

4-3-WAS 22(5:29) 3-M.Stover 40 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-70-M.Katula, Holder-15-D.Zastudil. WAS 3 BLT 3, 7 plays, 21 yards, 2:50 drive, 9:35 elapsed

Stover got some height on this one and it easily made it over the line and through the goal posts.

9-W.Richey kicks 61 yards from BLT 30 to WAS 9. 86-A.Brown to WAS 21 for 12 yards (11-P.Johnson).

The kick was rather low, but it was shallow enough so that Brown never had a chance to build up any steam.

10-J.Hall kicks 61 yards from WAS 30 to BLT 9. 11-P.Johnson to BLT 27 for 18 yards (34-E.Joyce). FUMBLES (34-E.Joyce), recovered by BLT-46-B.Ward at BLT 30. 46-B.Ward to BLT 30 for no gain (23-A.Jimoh). PENALTY on WAS, Offside on Free Kick, 5 yards, enforced at BLT 30.

A good strip by Eric Joyce, who came up behind the returner and stripped him clean. Baltimore recovered but it wouldn't have mattered had the Redskins recovered since they were offside on the kick and they would have been forced to kick it again had they gained possession.

4-10-BLT 35(:38) 15-D.Zastudil punts 54 yards to WAS 11, Center-70-M.Katula. 86-A.Brown to WAS 19 for 8 yards (33-J.Green).

Booming punt, good coverage left Brown with no place to go.

4-7-WAS 22(:14) 15-C.Mohr punts 39 yards to BLT 39, Center-71-E.Albright. 89-M.Clayton to BLT 43 for 4 yards (36-N.Broughton).

The kick wasn't very deep and netted just 35 yards, an average effort.

Third Quarter

9-W.Richey kicks 61 yards from BLT 30 to WAS 9. 14-R.Parson to WAS 28 for 19 yards (49-C.Williams).

Parson fielded the ball on the hop near the right sideline and headed straight upfield for 19 yards.

4-11-WAS 42(11:32) 15-D.Zastudil punts 28 yards to WAS 14, Center-70-M.Katula. 86-A.Brown to WAS 14 for no gain (59-J.Maese). PENALTY on BLT, Illegal Formation, 5 yards, enforced at WAS 14.

A high, floating punt, Brown didn't make a fair catch but was immediately downed in a crowd.

4-7-WAS 35(9:08) 15-C.Mohr punts 43 yards to BLT 22, Center-71-E.Albright. 35-T.Redmon to BLT 30 for 8 yards (32-O.Stoutmire). PENALTY on BLT-46-B.Ward, Illegal Block Above the Waist, 10 yards, enforced at BLT 30.

Not a bad punt by Mohr, but Redmon found a seam in the coverage and zipped up the hashmark for about 25 yards. The effort was negated by a penalty.

4-22-BLT 8(8:44) 15-D.Zastudil punts 55 yards to WAS 37, Center-59-J.Maese. 14-R.Parson to WAS 44 for 7 yards (45-C.Kelley).

Parson fielded this one while still backpedaling. Sometimes a boot like this outkicks the coverage, but the Ravens were down quickly and made the stop after a minimal gain.

4-6-WAS 13(4:26) 3-M.Stover 31 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-70-M.Katula, Holder-15-D.Zastudil. WAS 10 BLT 6, 7 plays, 45 yards, 2:56 drive, 10:38 elapsed

Routine short kick

9-W.Richey kicks 66 yards from BLT 30 to WAS 4. 14-R.Parson to WAS 43 for 39 yards (38-B.Alford).

Best return of the day. The wedge formed in textbook fashion and Parson broke one tackle and headed up the middle. He was just tripped up or he may have gone deep into Baltimore territory.

10-J.Hall kicks 66 yards from WAS 30 to BLT 4. 35-T.Redmon ran ob at BLT 22 for 18 yards (34-E.Joyce). PENALTY on BLT-26-C.Carlyle, Offensive Holding, 9 yards, enforced at BLT 18.

A good directional kickoff by Hall, pinning the returner into the corner. There was a little bit of room, but not much and the minimal return was negated by a hold. Farris came back from making the touchdown reception and was on coverage on the play, getting held to draw the flag.

Fourth Quarter

9-W.Richey kicks 62 yards from BLT 30 to WAS 8. 14-R.Parson to WAS 48 for 40 yards (46-B.Ward).

Another good return by Parson, who seemed to be down at around the 20 but he broke free. The coverage had relaxed thinking that the tackle had been made, giving Parson an opportunity to gain a good chunk of yardage. Parson doesn't have Brown's speed, but he does seem to have a better ability to get past the first wave.

4-22-WAS 36(8:21) 2-A.Groom punts 41 yards to BLT 23, Center-71-E.Albright, fair catch by 35-T.Redmon.

Groom's first opportunity on the night was pretty much the same as what we saw in the last two games when he handled every punt. He got off a booming kick that the returner fair caught.

Gibbs on the punters postgame 09.01.05 Audio

Gibbs on Punters—it's Danny Smith's call 09.02.05 Audio

4-1-BLT 32(6:54) 15-D.Zastudil punts 37 yards to WAS 31, Center-59-J.Maese. 14-R.Parson to WAS 32 for 1 yard (46-B.Ward).

Parson was off balance when he fielded the punt and just stumbled for the yard.

4-10-WAS 32(5:44) 2-A.Groom punts 48 yards to BLT 20, Center-71-E.Albright. 35-T.Redmon to BLT 25 for 5 yards (36-N.Broughton).

Good hang time for Groom again. The coverage was all over Redmon

4-9-WAS 43(4:34) 15-D.Zastudil punts 43 yards to end zone, Center-59-J.Maese, Touchback. PENALTY on BLT-11-P.Johnson, Illegal Substitution, 5 yards, enforced at WAS 20.

Almost a good pooch punt, it took a high bounce after hitting inside the five and it just floated into the end zone for the touchback.

4-15-WAS 20(2:47) 2-A.Groom punts 49 yards to BLT 31, Center-71-E.Albright. 35-T.Redmon to BLT 48 for 17 yards (36-N.Broughton).

The mediocre 32-yard net on this punt wasn't Groom's fault. Redmon had a couple of Redskins in his face as he caught the ball, but he broke an attempted tackle by Khary Campbell and got free for a good return.

9-W.Richey kicks 70 yards from BLT 30 to end zone, Touchback.

A good decision by Parson to down the ball from two yards deep in the end zone. He may have been able to get out to the 20 or maybe a little beyond. However, by downing the ball not a single tick came off of the clock, saving precious second for the attempt to tie the game.

4-6-BLT 28(:00) 10-J.Hall 46 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-71-E.Albright, Holder-15-C.Mohr.

Actually, Groom was the holder and he barely had to move his hands to field Albright's perfect snap. Hall made it with plenty of distance to spare.

10-J.Hall kicks 69 yards from WAS 30 to BLT 1. 35-T.Redmon to BLT 20 for 19 yards (34-E.Joyce).

Another good directional kick by Hall, pinning Redmon onto the sideline. The returner took what limited yardage that gave him.

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