Ramsey Proves to be a Class Act

Patrick Ramsey

Tandler's Redskins Blog Ver 08.18.06--Patrick Ramsey showed the same class and good cheer that he always showed while with the Redskins when asked about his years in Washington.

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It seems as though there is some sort of unwritten rule, perhaps even a law, that says that former Redskins who have found their way to teams in New York must blast their former team when given a chance. In the past several months Laveranues Coles, Antonio Pierce and, most recently, LaVar Arrington, have taken potshots at virtually every aspect of the organization from the atmosphere to the commitment to winning to the number of potholes in the parking lot at Redskins Park. The fact that the Redskins seem to have turned things around under Joe Gibbs has not deterred them from launching into their diatribes.

A refreshing change from this pattern was observed recently when reporters gave Patrick Ramsey an opportunity to pile on and he declined to do so. When asked if he had anything to prove on Saturday when he should get an opportunity to play at FedEx Field as a member of the New York Jets, he had this to say:

"My only thoughts are when I get an opportunity to play, to play well," Ramsey said. "That's the honest truth. I know it's hard to believe. I did spend a lot of time there and I enjoyed my time there. I just want to go back there and help my team do well."

"The way I'm looking at it is when I go in there, I want to do well, help our team and go score," he continued. "That's what it's about. That's why we're out here practicing. When we find out, that's when we start focusing on it."

The ironic part of this is that if any of the four former starters who packed up and headed up the Jersey Turnpike has a right to be bitter it's Ramsey. After getting knocked around and occasionally knocked out under Steve Spurrier's ineffective pass-blocking schemes he earned the starting job halfway through the first year under Gibbs.

It started to go downhill for him again when the Redskins drafted quarterback Jason Campbell in the first round in 2005. Then Ramsey suffered a minor injury in the '05 season opener, however, Gibbs yanked him from the first team and buried him on the bench for the rest of the season. A grumble or two was heard from Ramsey but ultimately he decided that the best course would be to be quiet and bide his time until the offseason came around.

Still, unfettered from the possibility of being labeled a malcontent for complaining about the team he was still a member of, Ramsey took the high road.

"You can take away from it what you want," he said. "I had a good time there."

No jabs at Daniel Snyder, no charges of unfair treatment, no blasting the offensive system of a Hall of Fame coach, just "I had a good time."

Here's to hoping that Patrick Ramsey has good times wherever he goes. With an outlook on life like the one he has, chances are that he will.

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