Bloggin with Rich Tandler

Bloggin with Rich Tandler

Rich Tandler provides a blog live from today's game.

15:00—A full and enthusiastic FedEx Field crowd is on hand here. The Cowboys will get the ball first. The Redskins are in the same burgundy pants they wore against the Steelers but they are going with their white jerseys.

13:17—It seems that the Cowboys are a bit reluctant to test how well Romo's finger is doing. On third and four on the opening series, Romo pitched out to Barber, who was tackled just short of the first down. It seems odd that they were running in that situation and it didn't catch anyone off guard.

8:13—You know that Zorn is frustrated about not getting TD's in the Red Zone. He went for it on fourth and one at the 11 and Portis easily picked it up scampering to the two. On the next play, Mike Sellers caught his second pass of the game for the score.

Sellers 2 pass from Campbell (Suisham kick)
Redskins 7, Cowboys 0

A well-balanced scoring drive, 49 yards in 10 plays. I don't have the numbers in front of me but I think there were six pass plays (including a sack) and four Portis runs. They came back from a second and 18 after the sack. They could dispirit the "desperate" Cowboys if they can keep the accelerator to the floor and build up a good lead.

TO head over heels by Smoot
False start
pass to Austin for first down
double reverse goes nowhere
pass to barber for first down

1:29—Deangelo Hall holds on to his first interception opportunity, a poor pass by Romo. It stopped a drive that seemed destined to end up with Dallas scoring some points. They got two third-down conversions on Romo passes to Austin and Barber, but on third and three Romo threw well behind Owens and Hall got the gift pick. Of course, we know that there are no gift interceptions with this team. They generally are returned unopened.

End of first quarter
Redskins 7, Cowboys 0

12:52—The Cowboys are getting a good amount of pressure on Campbell and it is pushing his passes off mark. In general, the offense has had no rhythm since that initial drive. They're not really making mistakes, dropping passes or committing penalties, but they're breaking down everywhere. Certainly, a lot of it can be chalked up to a good defensive effort by Dallas.

9:37—The Redskins get yet another pick. They must have worked on that during the bye week. This time it was McIntosh, who got a tipped ball after Owens was smacked by Carlos Rogers. Dallas had a pretty good drive going primarily on the ground as the Redskins were not wrapping up Marion Barber. Skins with the ball back and on the move with their initial first down since the opening drive.

5:18—A nice drive has turned into a cluster, uh, bomb. On third and six in Dallas territory, the Skins get flagged for 12 men in the huddle and then they have to burn a timeout after a couple more players shuffle in and out of the game. It ends on a third and 11 sack. Campbell got the thing jump started with a 22-yard run on a QB draw. It was a great play call and Campbell carried tacklers for about five extra yards. But it went for naught after second and seven turned into fourth and 21.

1:54—Dallas is threatening again at the two-minute warning. Romo found Jason Witten for the first time today and it was good for 24 yards. They're still trying to get the ball to Owens but he has yet to be able to do anything with it. They're throwing him the quick outs, but Rogers and Smoot are taking him down immediately. They haven't even tried to go to him downfield.

1:46—Just after I type that, Owens gets a big gainer. He went in motion and found a seam in the zone for a catch down to about the three. Dallas is knocking on the door looking to tie this one up.

Barber 2 run (Folk kick)
Redskins 7, Cowboys 7

It sure looked like Barber's elbow was down before the ball broke the plane of the goal line. It wouldn't have mattered much as it would have been second and goal at about the six inch line and a touchdown is the highly probable outcome in that situation.

A great kickoff return by Cartwright sets up a field goal at the end of the half.

FG Suisham 41
Redskins 10, Cowboys 7

The Redskins get the second-half kickoff and they are going in with momentum. Still, they need to get some continuity going on offense. Dallas' last two drives were very effective with one ending in an interception and the other ending in the TD.

I like the way the game is going, although I don't like Dallas' ability to get an offense going—especially one featuring Barber—in the latter stages of the second quarter. There's no adjustment you can make for that besides just plain tackling the guy. Still, the late field goal was a nice boost, especially considering that they had no timeouts and the chances of scoring with a middling return were pretty slim.

13:37—We have a Devin Thomas sighting as he catches a short pass to convert a third and three. He then trots back off the field.

8:23—After two more third down conversions, Campbell throws an interception on third and two to kill the drive. He tried to squeeze it in to Moss, but Newman's was too tight on him and he got the pick.

6:16—Dallas goes nowhere after the pick as an illegal formation killed a third-down conversion on a slant to Miles Austing that carried into Redskins territory. After that a false start made it third and 17 and Romo's was off target on a deep pass attempt.

3:41—Another promising drive goes astray. After two big plays—a 24-yard pass to Randle El and a 20-yard Portis run—the drive stalls after Campbell gets sacked and Suisham is short—short?—on a 46-yard field goal try. The defense might have to come up with another turnover at some point here. I still like the way it's going, but it could get away in a hurry as the Redskins are not creating any margin for error.

End of third quarter
Redskins 10, Cowboys 7

At the end of the quarter, Randle El left for the locker room walking gingerly.

Rich Tandler blogs about the Skins at and he is the author of the upcoming book The Redskins Chronicle. You can reach Rich by email at Recommended Stories

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