Redskins Cowboys: After Further Review

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There isn't much more to be gleaned from this game upon watching it again, but here goes with a few observations:

  • It's apparent that the Redskins need another receiving threat to supplement Santana Moss. Chris Cooley is good in his role, but he never has displayed an ability to go deep down the seam. Antwaan Randle El is good for a play a game but that's his ceiling. But there's nobody who truly, consistently will punish the opposing defense for paying excessive attention to Moss.

  • DeAngelo Hall made an absolutely spectacular play in his first game with Washington. OK, by NFL standards it was a routine play, securing an errant Tony Romo pass for a routine interception. But such a play is extraordinary by the standards of the 2008 Washington Redskins.

  • I've never seen the Cowboys—at least not this version of the team—play as physically as they did last night. In particular they de-cleated Clinton Portis and Moss on one third-quarter series and the Dallas offensive line gouged out holes for Marion Barber, who ran hard. The Redskins returned the favor, being particularly rough on Terrell Owens. Fred Smoot flipped him head over heels in the first quarter and Carlos Rogers popped TO in the second quarter, knocking the ball in the air to set up Rocky McIntosh for an INT.

  • It would be better if the Redskins could get more pressure on the other QB, but, unlike others, I'm not putting that high on the list of priorities. Yes, Romo had time to make a sandwich and another one for Jessica back there in the pocket. But the bottom line is that the Cowboys scored just 14 points. You have to score more points.

  • The second-quarter punt that ended up being a touchback was called correctly by the referees. After Rock Cartwright batted the ball back into the field of play, just before sliding into the end zone, everything was set for the Cowboys to be starting their drive at their own one Then the ball bounced off of the shin of Khary Campbell and back to where it touched Cartwright after Rock's momentum had carried him into the end zone. I've heard some say that Cartwright didn't need to bat the ball, that it was going to die on its own, but I'm not so sure about that. In any case, it wasn't certain enough that it was going to stop prior to going into the end zone that such a judgment could be made while flying downfield at full speed, as Cartwright was.
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