Bloggin With Rich Tandler

Bloggin With Rich Tandler

Rich Tandler provides a blog live from today's game.

13:15—Not a very aggressive first series there for Zorn. A four-yard pass to Thrash, who has no RAC ability, on third and six isn't exactly pushing the envelope. It resulted in a three and out and a quick punt back to the Giants.

Toomer 40 pass from Manning (Carney kick)
Giants 7, Redskins 0

That was too easy for the Giants. Manning easily converted a couple of third and long situations, primarily because he had all day to throw the ball. Smooth was with Toomer on the TD pass, but he didn't make a play on the ball. It goes without saying that the Skins can't get into a shootout here.

8:58—A quick slant to Moss batted away at the line, Portis up the middle for one and then a six-yard pass to Cooley on third and nine that time. I know you have to watch out for the pass rush and all, but come on, Jim. The defense had better tighten up or this could be over in a hurry.

3:23—The Redskins are generating no pass rush at all. Manning has time to survey the field a few times over.

2:42—That is, until Montgomery gets a hold on Manning's jersey for a sack on third and goal, setting up a field goal try.

FG Carney 31
Giants 10, Redskins 0

2:11—They just assessed Ryan Boschetti for five yards for an illegal fair catch on a kickoff. At least he didn't try to run with it ala Pete Kendall. Still, cut the guy some slack, he was watching on TV a week ago.

0:57—Back to back first downs, with the second coming on a nice pass to Moss on which Campbell had some nice touch. The Redskins are in Giants territory.

End of first quarter
Giants 10, Redskins 0

14:50—Again, throwing short of the first down marker on third down. This time it was incomplete but it wouldn't have mattered as it was a good three yards shy of the line to make. That's a situation where you might as well go deep since if it's picked it's as good as a punt. Better, probably, since Plackemeier has now put two into the end zone from around midfield.

14:02—Look up "picking them apart" in the NFL glossary and you'll see a picture of Eli vs. the Redskins today. He has all day to throw, still, and he's zipping the ball on target almost every throw. Sometimes the defenders are nearby, sometimes they're not because the receivers have worked their way open since Manning has so much time.

12:26—The good news is the Giants can't run the ball, so they're having to settle for field goals when things go awry in the passing game.

FG Carney 42
Giants 13, Redskins 0

12:01—It's time for Zorn to break out a little imagination here. I'm not necessarily talking about a triple reverse or anything, but they have to be more aggressive. If the Giants score again before the Redskins do, it's over.

8:43—With Betts now in after Portis got slammed down on screen pass, the Skins are on the move to the Giant 29.

Moving into the end zone, in fact.

Thomas 29 run (Suisham kick)
Giants 13, Redskins 7

Excellent fake on the reverse and a great effort by Devin Thomas to get into the end zone. That's what a little imagination will get for you!

4:10—A huge play by DeAngelo Hall, getting an interception on a third and six play in Redskins territory. The Redskin stay alive.

3:11—And they have even more life after a 20-yard pass to Sellers, featuring a hurdle by #45. Portis is back in, by the way.

2:37—Things were going well until a third-down drop by Thrash—on a ball actually thrown past the first-down marker—and then Plackemeier boots it into the end zone again. Good opportunity lost, but field position was gained.

1:00—The Giants are now finding some running room with Derrick Ward getting most of the yardage. The Skins need to keep them out of the end zone on this drive, which has them with a second and 10 on the Washington 46.

0:26—The Redskins hold on fourth and one, pending a review of the play. I'm not sure how they could change the call, but I didn't think that the previous review had any merit, either and it was reversed in favor of the Giants.

A great drive to get the Skins into field goal position at the end of the half. We'll see if it's in his range.

0:04—No, Suisham was wide right from 42 yards. That is going to prove to be huge. Still, after the way the game started out, I'll take the halftime score.

End of first half
Giants 13, Redskins 7

It will be very tough for the Redskins here, but they're not out of it. New York gets the kickoff and another turnover would be ideal.

By the way, I think the Skins have to find an alternative to Suisham. He has lost it and this is no time for him to try to find it.

13:20—A four and out for the Giants and the Redskins will get the ball at their own 20. Hall had an interception, but Springs swooped in and in the collision the ball fell to the turf. They would have had the ball right about where they are anyway.

12:29—Campbell gave Kelly a chance to jump up and make a play, but he dropped the deep sideline pass. That's two third-down conversions in a row that have been killed via the drop. To be fair, it does look like a Giant grazed the ball, but it did hit Kelly in the hands. I like the approach, it's getting more aggressive, but the execution hasn't been there.

Jacobs 1 run (Carney kick)
Giants 20, Redskins 7

The Giants could be at the point where the Redskins can't catch them after that. It's not out of the question that the Redskins could get two more touchdowns if they hold on to third-down passes. But the prospect of holding the Giants scoreless for the rest of the game is very dim.

6:36—Another trick play works as Randle El goes to Cooley for 11 yards and a first down.

It's for naught, though, as a deep Campbell pass down the middle gets picked off. It was not a good throw at all, late and shallow.

3:50—It looked like the Redskins had come up with a big play, a third-down sack, but an offside flag wiped it out. A very big little penalty as it gives the Giants a first down and they're on the move.

End of third quarter
Giants 20, Redskins 7

Good job by the defense, turning a second and one into a fourth and one and a punt. Jacobs got stonewalled twice and the Redskins have some life as the fourth quarter starts.

11:09—The teams exchange three and outs and with still plenty of time left, the Redskins still have a chance. The New York running game still is spotty, although both Ward and Jacobs have ripped off some pretty good runs in the second half. As long as Manning has to keep throwing, the chance for a pick is there.

9:26—The chances just got a lot dimmer as Portis gains nothing on fourth and two, giving the Giants the ball back at the Washington 40. Even if the Giants go nowhere and punt, it will be a long field for the Redskins to negotiate. By the way, the imagination went away on that play, just a straight dive up the middle.

FG Carney 39
Giants 23, Redskins 7

Just two touchdowns and two two-point conversions to send this one into overtime.

3:25—The final, final chance goes awry then a fourth-down pass falls to the ground. There probably should have been a pass interference call on it, but it's not worth getting worked up over at this point in time.

I'm going to go ahead and wrap this up early, assuming that the final will remain as it is now, so that I can get downstairs to the locker room. I'll update via Blackberry if necessary.

Final Score
Giants 23, Redskins 7

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