Behind Enemy Lines: Terrell Suggs

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The Ravens linebacker sees a difference in Clinton Portis this year. And see where he places Portis among the league's backs.

Q: What do you see as the reason the Redskins offense is struggling to score?
A: They just ran into a couple of good teams. Jason is still proving to be one of the best young quarterbacks in the league. Clinton Portis is at the top of his game. We're not taking anything from them. This is just like a home game for them. We know a lot of Redskins fans are up here; it's almost like a neutral site.

Q: How special is Ngata and what he does and what he lets you guys do because of it?
A: He gets a lot of people one on one battles because he gets so much attention. No one man can block him. He's a man-child, a beast out there. He's proven that it takes more than one guy to block him and that's freed up a lot of guys on defense. He's a big part of our defense.

Q: Do you have any memories of Casey Rabach with you guys?
A: Yeah, we used to have a lot of wrestling matches, just for fun. I remember him being one of the strong guys to break my arms. I was a rookie at the time. It'll be good to play against him.

Q: Do you feel you owe him one?
A: Nah, it was all in good fun.

Q: You've gone 31 straight games with no runner getting 100 yards, is that your goal?
A: Our goal is to go out and play Ravens football. Every week we see a good back. Our job is to continue and not let him get any yards at all. This week it's more special because we've got the best back in the league. There's him and there's Adrian Peterson. He's definitely one of the top backs in the league. But our focus is the same every week.

Q: Do you see a difference in Portis this year?
A: It seems like he really loves playing football right now. He trusts his head coach and his coordinator. It seems like he's inspired to play really good football. When you've got that on your side, a lot of good things happen for you.

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