Second and Ten: Redskins Minicamp Day 2

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Ten observations from the second day: How do some of the rookies look? What about those veteran WR's that were on hand? Who considers himself "The Peoples' QB?" Are things more crisp in year 2 under Zorn? All that and more is right here.

1. Jon Jansen is working at center. Looks like he'll be a utility guy this season as they try to make him more versatile. Before last year I would have thought he could slide inside, but he struggled with his footwork in there. And it's way too early to know if he'd be a good center. In the few snaps I saw, he stayed low and balanced. Having a big backup center, to face the burly 3-4 nose tackles, is pretty important. But I also think he'll still get a solid chance to start at right tackle, if only because Stephon Heyer will struggle to hold onto the job. And Mike Williams' jersey barely fits, which is a problem because it shows just how far he has to go to be close to playing weight.

2. Chris Wilson needs work at SLB. Maybe he can do it, I don't know. But there was one play in a nine-on-nine drill today where Chris Cooley slapped him to the side off the line, Wilson fell back and Cooley raced inside for an easy completion. It's the stuff Wilson must get used to.

3. Devin Thomas hammies need work. The second-year wideout tweaked his hamstring running a reverse in Friday afternoon's practice and sat out today. He hopes to be back next week. Figured this would happen; just wrote a piece for the Washington Examiner on how much more mature and professional he was this season.

4. Colt Brennan is a stud. OK, maybe not. But he has to be one of the most likeable players on the team. This kid is determined to remind everyone that he can play. He does not lack for confidence. And his teammates have confidence in him. Brennan, as he pointed out, is much healthier than last year when he was coming off hip surgery. He knows how popular he is with the fans and views himself as the people's QB.

5. Linebacker Cody Glenn got dinged up today, drilling Dominique Dorsey on a punt return. Just couldn't slow down. Glenn looked a bit dazed and appeared to have the wind knocked out of him.

6. Albert Haynesworth has slick feet. On two occasions in a drill where the linemen had to race around a dummy bag, he slipped and fell. Once from the right and once from the left.

7. Antwaan Randle El is having fun. But he's also making some big-time catches out here, as he should. He caught a seam route from Jason Campbell and let out an, ‘'oooooo!'' Randle El also shouted for a ‘'PI! PI!'' after Byron Westbrook broke up a pass to rookie Marko Mitchell. Westbrook made a good break on the play. Mitchell is very raw. Oh, Randle El also caught a deep corner from Campbell. Again, it's only May.

8. Isaiah Ross is a bit jiggly. He's listed at 320 pounds, but he could stand to get in better shape.

9. Things are more crisp this May. With Jim Zorn in charge for a second straight year, players know better what to expect. The offense also is putting in much more than a year ago, when they were limited because it was the first season. But I'll say this: it's not about the plays, it's about the playmakers. Do the Redskins have them?

10. The Caps have a lot of fans among the Redskins. Colt Brennan goes to a lot of games, Jason Campbell has been to a few, Fred Smoot was talking about them as well. Have heard a few guys talk about the Caps.

John Keim covers the Redskins for the Washington Examiner and is a contributing editor for He has covered the team since 1994. Some of his other stories can be found at

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