Q&A With Renaldo Wynn

The Redskins defensive end speaks of Gregg Williams, Lemar Marshall, and the upcoming challenge in Saturday's game.

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    Note: The audio at the beginning refers to Wynn receiving the B. L. Blanchard award as the team member who best helps the media members to their jobs. 

Are you surprised that Gregg Williams is staying?

No, I'm not. From the beginning, Gregg as a lot invested here, with the type of players he's had the decision in bringing in, I'm not surprised at all. I think he likes it here, the organization as well as the community and this is the place where he wants to hang his hat.

How did the defensive players feel about Williams staying?

A lot of them were just relieved. A lot of guys who have been her for a long time know that (coaches staying) hasn't always been the case. We've had a lot of coaching changes and new defenses that come in, so I know that those guys were relieved and also elated to know that he's going to be back. We'll be able to continue to build on what we have here, which is special. We'll be able to build something greater.

How about Lemar Marshall's transition from bench warmer to outside linebacker to middle linebacker?

He's done an excellent job. It's not easy for a guy to take the opportunity of someone else's misfortune (LaVar Arrington's injury last year) and to step in as if he was the starter all along. He's done an excellent job being the field general, of orchestrating everything, making sure everyone's in the right position at the right time. From day one, he had the confidence level to come in there and get the job done and that just radiated across the whole defense where guys were able to trust him.

That's a position where you have to be pretty vocal and talk a lot, and that's not exactly Marshall's style, is it?

We've been calling him the "Silent Assassin" because he's the guy who's working behind the scenes and gets it done. Marcus Washington is very vocal and very energetic, LaVar Arrington also vocal and energetic on the field. Lemar is a guy who kind of sits back in the wings and gets it done. At the same time, he's the quarterback of our defense. He has to make sure that everyone is in tune, everyone is in place. It's a big responsibility on his shoulders and he's done an excellent job all year.

Compare the way the team is playing now to the way that they were playing going into Tampa in
Week 10.

The thing that separates us from a lot of teams is that we feel like we've been playing playoff games for the last five weeks. That's been our mentality because it's been do or die. We didn't have any time to waste or any room for error. It's been tunnel vision, no distractions. It's the same thing this week. Everyone's focused, everyone's mind is on doing their jobs.

Is there any reason this team can't win the Super Bowl?

As long as we play one game at a time, no, there's no reason why. That's why you play the playoffs. We're not content, we're not going to hang our hat on what we've done. We're like a pack of wild wolves; a taste of blood and we're ready to roll. Nobody's content and we're ready to keep this thing going.

What makes Williams a great defensive coordinator?

I've been around a lot of great coordinators, guys like Dom Capers and Dick Jauron. The thing about Gregg is that he prepares us in a way that's like nobody I've ever been around. The preparation is unbelievable, it's not even close--he things that we go over during the week, the way we study film. You learn film from a different perspective, you learn how to really study the film, study the opponent. By the time you come out on game day, you're so well prepared, you're ready to go out there and just play.

Chris Simms was pretty green the last time you guys played; from what you've seen on film, how has he improved in the last 7 or 8 weeks?

Even in that first game, he had some pretty good plays against us. I know he's improved even more from there. We're going to have a big challenge because he's not a rookie anymore. He's going to give us his best shot and I know that team's going to rally around him.

Does it stick in your craw that they scored 36 points against you last time?

No question about it. That's what we pride ourselves in. We figure that if we can hold them to a certain amount of points, we know our offense is going to score enough to put us in a position to win. We don't give our team the best chance to win when they score that many points. We were prepared to play, but it was a matter of us not going out there and making the plays.

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