October 5: They Said What?!?!?!

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Here are post game quotes from the locker room and press conferences for both teams. Both Head Coaches' Pressers are included as well as a host of players for both teams.

Head Coach Andy Reid Press Conference

On injuries sustained during the game:

"[S] J.R. Reed had a hamstring strain. [CB] Sheldon Brown came out with a stinger. [RB Brian] Westbrook has a rib contusion."

On the loss:

"Obviously, Washington played a better football game than we did. I'll tell you that it's my responsibility that we play better. That's absolutely my responsibility. I have to get our guys into better positions to make plays, and when [the players] are in those positions, we have to make sure that [plays] get made."

On what was missing today for the Eagles:

"I have to put them into the right positions to make plays."

On the team's struggles in all three phases of the game:

"We just have to keep working. That's the only thing that you can do."

On what happened near the goal line on the Eagles last offensive possession of the game:

"I'm not going to get into all that. We just have to punch it in when we're down there."

On whether the Eagles were outplayed physically on both sides of the ball:

"There were times when we were, but there were some times that we rallied back and did some good things."

On what QB Donovan McNabb saw which caused him to audible on the third down play on the Eagles' final offensive possession:

"There was just a little bit of miscommunication. We'll get that straightened out."

On what can be done to get the team to play with more intensity:

"They will play hard. They will play hard for 60 minutes. We'll get that done."

On the struggles of the Eagles' offense after a quick start in the beginning of the game:

"[Washington] did a good job. I didn't do a good enough job of getting our guys into the right positions."

On the Eagles' run defense:

"[Washington] did a good job with its run game. We bowed up there for a couple of series, but they came back and got that [first down] at the end."

On the missed 50-yard field goal attempt by David Akers:

"David is going to make a lot more of those than he is going to miss. Down the stretch here, he'll be fine."

On whether he is still confident in Akers:

"Absolutely, I'm confident."

On whether the Eagles will have a tough time regrouping following two difficult losses:

"This group, they'll regroup."

On whether he was surprised the Washington offense went for a 4th-and-1 on their final possession of the game:

"No, not from where they were at [Eagles' 38-yard line]."

On whether the Eagles can be the team he thought they were at the beginning of the season:

"Yes, but we need to change this thing around obviously. The last two weeks haven't been good weeks."

On whether he is concerned with the team's lack of intensity:

"We have to get back in gear and play more consistent. Again, I'll take full responsibility for that."

On whether he feels drastic changes need to be made at this point in the season:

"I'll evaluate that. Right now, we just need to be more consistent all the way around."

On why the team appeared to lose intensity after jumping to an early 14-0 lead:

"I don't think it was a matter of intensity, I thought it was a matter of sustaining drives on offense so that we could keep our defense off the field and not force them to play as many snaps as they had to play. I'm stating the obvious, but when you get backed up, you have to be able to get off the field with the field position."

On why the Eagles were not able to get rookie WR DeSean Jackson more involved in the passing game:

"That was just the way it worked. [Washington] was in man coverage quite a bit of the day, and it just didn't work out that we could get him dialed up."

On defensive adjustments made by Washington to slow down the Eagle offense:

"That's my responsibility to make sure that it gets taken care of. I have to make sure that I put our guys into better positions."

On his evaluation of the Eagles' offensive line in the running game:

"We need to continue to call the right plays so that there are holes there for the ball carriers to run through."

On whether he is surprised at the Eagles performance after all of the offseason moves:

"We're going to get it straight. Things happen during the season, and we will have to straighten it out."

On how fast the problems can get corrected:

"You want to get the next week straightened out. We wanted to do it this week, it didn't work out, so now we have to go back to the drawing board and get it done next week."

On whether there are any plays that the Eagles' offense cannot execute due to the absence of starting guard Shawn Andrews:


QB Donovan McNabb Press Conference

On what did he saw on the third down play in the goaline situation when he audibled:

"Well, I knew that they were pretty much sitting in linebacker level. I thought we maybe could maybe get a bounce outside and be able to pick up a touchdown and just check the two of the plays out we felt comfortable with. I know that we all knew and we would all be successful with. They did a great job with pursuing over to stop us obviously from getting the first down or possibly the touchdown. So when you get in that situation you have to capitalize and obviously we didn't."

On being down at the 1 yard line two straight weeks:

"If I had an answer we would definitely know what's going on. It's something that we definitely have to find an answer and solution for right now to get the job done."

On whether Brian Westbrook was healthy enough for the goaline play to work:

"I think he was healthy enough for that play to work. But it's not just Brian. We all have to do our job. It's got to be blocking up front. For me, it's got to make sure that the hand off is secure and that everything works kind of in place, but it's not just one particular person. We all have to do our jobs to do it correctly."

On why the rhythm of the 1st quarter was lost and if it was due to the play calling:

"I don't know. We started out with a good rhythm early on and we had some plays that we didn't convert on third down when we needed to continue on with that rhythm. So it's hard no matter what rhythm you start if you don't continue on by converting third downs and moving the ball. You just find yourself back on the sideline waiting on the next opportunity. We have to capitalize on third down, that's the most important thing. If we capitalize on third down you can continue to call more and more plays to get people involved and have a better chance of having successful plays."

On who or what will motivate the Eagles to sustain the intensity shown in the 1st quarter:

"When you have the big plays. I think that if you look at that first series, we had some big plays and guys got involved. When you sustain drives like that, things happen. I thought that when we didn't convert third down and found ourselves back on the sidelines trying to find out what we need to do in order to get things going. We would complete passes and we would make mistakes. I would make mistakes or drop a pass or whatever it may be. That's just something that just can't happen when you are trying to sustain drives."

On whether the loss was attributable to the players:

"We are the ones out on the field. We got to be the ones to execute the plays."

On whether he changed sides on the audible:

"It was a miscommunication."

On whether he is embarrassed with the loss:

"I was embarrassed these last two weeks. I mean to two teams we shouldn't have lost to. When you make mistakes and you don't capitalize on opportunities things like this happen. There is no way that you can look at this game and say that, and not taking anything anyway from them, but there is no way that this team is better than us. The same went for last week and then you find yourself here wondering why. It's going to be a week in which you got to look at yourself and not look at anybody else. You have to ask yourself, ‘Did you do the job?,' and sometimes you have to go through that process. It's better that you go through it now, but there's no reason for us to be going through that right now."

On whether he thinks the Redskins are a better team because of their win at Dallas:

"It doesn't make a difference. We capitalized on it. It doesn't matter if they beat the Cowboys. We should've beat the Cowboys. Does that make them a better team because they beat them? Not really. They beat us last year and then we beat them at Washington so does that mean that they were better than us earlier in the year and we were better later? I don't see it that way."

On the how much more important a win at San Francisco is after today's loss:

"More than this week. And it is important for us to go out and come home with a win. Not to say that we've lost confidence, but in this game that we play, wins, it will add a little more to the spark of practice and to the spark of individuals who don't understand what we are doing around here. This being my tenth year, it shouldn't be this way.

On whether the loss was a result of what the Redskins did or what the Eagles didn't do:

"It's what we didn't do. Not what they did, but what we didn't do."

On what he thinks happened to the rhythm after the 1st quarter:

"I don't know. I don't know if it was we were trying to force different things or because of them playing man coverage and trying to do too much. I don't know, but when opportunities are there we have to take full advantage of them and capitalize on them and I know that we didn't do that today."

On whether Brian Westbrook's absence affected the rhythm of the game:

"No. We have guys that can make plays on the team. We have to give guys those opportunities to make plays and we just didn't do that."

On the confidence level in the locker room of the abilities of David Akers:

"We have the upmost confidence in Dave, and Dave knows that. Dave does a great job kicking in practice and its just now he'll have to just translate that over to the game. We know that when Dave is out there we have confidence that he can make the field goal. With the next opportunity, I think Dave will get into a rhythm and be able to make it, but even in that situation we should've converted on third down and made it easier for him."

On whether his chest injury affected his play:

"No. Not to the point where it would take me away from anything, no.

On whether he is satisfied with the offensive line:

"I think that they are doing a good job."

Brian Westbrook Press Conference

On the offense slowing down after a strong beginning:

"We didn't do a very good job of executing from that point on. I think the first series we did pretty good of course we got the punt return and we found a way to stay on the field, after that there were a lot of things you could point to and say the reason why but as an offense you have to do a better job of executing and staying on the field."

On how close he is to becoming 100 percent:

"I'm feeling better today. The tough part about the ankle is that it feels good for a while, you might get tackled and it doesn't feel good after that point so you just try to go out there and fight it off and do the best you can."

On getting work done on him after his touchdown run:

"I got a little bruised, something like that, so I was just trying to make sure that everything was straight."

On using extra protection after the injury:


On getting an MRI on Monday:

"Probably so, yeah."

On having a brace on the ankle:


On the playcall changing after the first series:

"I don't know if the playcalling changed or if it was just a difference between what we were doing. I think Coach Reid does a good job of calling the plays, we weren't executing. We weren't doing the things that needed to be done for us to have success."

On being 2-3 and 0-2 in the division:

"It's tough, it's going to be tough for us but the good thing about this division is that we are going to continue to fight, this team is going to continue to fight. We are going to continue to do the things that will allow us to have success. We are not going to quit, we are not going to give up and we have to try to get everybody on board so that we can do the things we can do to have success."

On what happened on third and one on the goaline:

"We didn't execute, another opportunity for us. I think when the play came in, it was a little miscommunication. We didn't execute the play very well. When you have those types of miscommunication, if you don't execute, you are not going to have success and we didn't."

On seeing an opening after Donovan McNabb audibled:

"I didn't see any opening there."

On hearing the original play:

"I thought that guys could have got it done but, at the same time, when we audibled, I know what my offensive line can do and they can make a hole and I had faith that they would make the hole, unfortunately we weren't able to get in."

On the miscommunication and the blocking:

"I thought [QB] Don [McNabb] he was trying to call a timeout at first and different things went on during that play, but we just didn't get it done."

On being limited physically after he went out:

"I try to fight through everything, every pain that I had I try to fight through, my ankle my rib things like that. Of course when you're not 100 percent you're limited in some way but I continue to try to fight through it and try to make the most of it."

On the offense changing against Dallas to today's game:

"I'm not sure. I know that we're not executing very well, we're not staying on the field on third downs and when you don't do that you're not going to have success and you'll leave your defense on the field. We can't leave our defense on the field because we're not converting on third downs. We're having three and outs, we're not catching the ball, we're not blocking very well and that hurts us. We have to do a better job of that."

On Donovan McNabb saying that the team is not on the same page:

"As a team we are not executing well. It's not one person. It's me, it's [QB] Donovan [McNabb], it's the offense, it's everybody. It's not one person that's just doing something wrong every single play. It's a collection of guys, all of us, are doing something wrong on different plays throughout the game. You have 70 plays in the game and, here and there, we are not doing the right thing and we have to find a way to do the right thing as a team."

On not calling a timeout because the officials reset the clock:

"I believe so, yeah."

On remembering the play that his rib injury happened on:

"No, I don't remember."

On the side of his body that the injury occurred:

"On the right side."

On where the team is now:

"I think we know what we are as a team. We have to do better as a team. We know what we have, we know the guys, the playmakers that we have, we know the team that we have. We have to do a better job of doing the things that we're good at. We have to find a way to do it every single week. We can't say we did it last week and depend on that to win the game this week. We have to find a way this week. Now we are going to look at this tape, we are going to dissect it and see what went wrong, we're going to move forward to San Francisco."

FS Brian Dawkins Press Conference

On starting the game out well and then having the game go the way it did:

"It was very tough, very tough. It's something as a defense that you never want to happen. You get a certain amount of points. You feel like you should win a game and we definitely felt like that today. We just didn't do what we were supposed to do in the second half and keep points off the board."

On whether you pin your ears back on third down when a team stays committed to the run:

"It doesn't change. You pin your ears back, when you say pin your ears back that means penetration—the run and the pass. It doesn't mean just rush the passer. That means that you play aggressive as possible, recognize the formations they give you and get to the quarterback or get to the running back. Negative plays — we did that for the most part but we just didn't do what we were supposed to to get off the field on third downs."

On whether there is confusion in the locker room about what the team is about after the last two losses:

"I don't know about confusion. What we are, I think what we are right now is we've lost a couple of tough games. And a lot of it, give the other teams credit, but a lot of it is ours because of mistakes, mental mistakes that we're making that's assisting good teams. You can't give good teams assists and the teams that we've lost to are pretty good teams. So you can't give them assists by making mistakes, whether its penalties, or mental mistakes or a leverage in coverage, eyes in the backfield, all that stuff."

On whether the losses and the mistakes should be happening to the team now:

"Yeah, it should not be happening but yet they are. So we have to find out those reasons why they are, get them fixed, and do what we need to do as a team unit to stop them from happening because you know, there's enough going on in every phase now to cause these things to happen. When you have a play here, a play there, a negative play, penalty or whatever -- one or two, its not that bad -- but when you have so many that mount up, and that's what's happening. We have so many mental whatever you want to call them that's allowing, like I said, good teams to have more opportunities."

On whether the defense was on the field too long:

"If you're tying to say that it's the offense that got up and went three-and-out and kept us on the field then no. We kept ourselves on the field by not getting off the field. Getting them in third downs, we make them punt, get the ball back to our offense and that's what we're supposed to do as a defense. But we didn't do a very good job of that the second half."

On being 0-2 in the division and how that will affect the season now:

"It's going to be a tough fight anyway. But we definitely didn't help ourselves out today by allowing the Redskins to do what they did and controlling the ball and controlling the clock and winning this game. We didn't help ourselves out."

On whether the Redskins did anything different with their run game:

"No, they didn't do anything particularly different. We just didn't do a good job of what we practiced in certain situations for whatever reason. Give them credit for sticking to their guns and sticking to what they like to do as an offense and that is run the ball. But we didn't do what we were supposed to do defensively."

On whether it adds more pain to the loss after coming in ranked No. 1 in rush defense and allowing the Redskins to run the ball with success:

"Yea it should. It should. I think to a man defensively that's going to sting a lot more. Not because we're ranked number one, but the fact that we allowed this team to come in and have a successful day running the ball on us period. The rankings, I mean you can feel what you want to feel about the rankings, but game to game you want to come in and set a tone for stopping the run and we did not do that today."

Eagles Locker Room Offensive Players

WR DeSean Jackson

On his punt return for a touchdown:

"It was a great opportunity. It was a middle return and I caught the ball close to the hash. I tried to go right first and then from there, just went back, trusted my speed and blockers. I went back to the left and, just like I said, it was a great play."

On what happened to the offense after the team went up 14-0:

"It was a rough one for us today. I can't sit here and put my finger on anything, but we didn't play good football, the Redskins are a team that is playing well and they just came here and outplayed us."

On whether he was surprised he wasn't more involved in the offense after his punt return:

"I really don't get caught up in that. We have a game to win and whatever we need to do to win the game, meaning whoever's number is getting called and whoever the play is going to, that person has to make that play. If that is my number, then I have to go out there and make a play. I have to do whatever I can to help this team win. I really don't get caught up in that."

On the lack of consistency in the offense and what that did for the team's defense:

"That definitely hurt us. The Redskins defense stayed off the field a lot of the game and our defense was out there. So, it just took a lot of opportunities away from us on offense. Like I said, they just outplayed us, they played a better game than us and they got the victory."

On what they did on defense today:

"They just played hardnosed football. There wasn't anything special that was going on. I give it to them, they are a great team, but we are a great team here also. We are capable of doing great things also, but today wasn't our day."

K David Akers

On his missed field goal and whether it was a momentum changer:

"Sure, it would have been nice to go up 17-0. I understand all of that. 50-yard field goals are long kicks, but obviously, [Redskins kicker] Shaun [Suisham] went out there and hit a 48 and a 50-yard one as well today. That made a difference."

On whether he worries that the team is losing confidence in him:

"I can't control that. All I can control is what I go out and try to do. The rest is not up to me."

On whether he is in a slump:

"I don't know. I hit the ball well and they are just not going – I pulled the ball a little bit today and drew it a little further. I wish I had about 3 feet for 3 kicks. That would be about the difference. But, I don't and I can't take them back. I let the guys and the organization down again and other than that, all I am trying to do is go out there and make the kicks. I am not trying to go out there and miss them. That is for sure."

RG Max Jean-Gilles

On the biggest difference the Redskins made on defense after the 1st drive:

"They didn't really do anything different. We just didn't execute. Give them the credit; they played harder than we did."

On the goal line stand and quarterback Donovan McNabb trying to change the play:

"We tried to run an inside zone and then we checked out of it, but I don't know what happened. They stopped us."

On how frustrating it is to come so close, like last week, at the goal line and fall short:

"It hurts. These games hurt us the most. It was just inches away, 1 yard here and 2 yards there. It makes the whole difference in the game. That's football."

WR Reggie Brown

On the offense disappearing after the 1st drive:

"Yeah, we came out good, hitting on all cylinders. We mixed it up, throwing passes and screens and we moved the ball up the field great. Then DeSean took one back for a touchdown on the punt return. So, early on, we had a lot of energy. We were executing and doing things right, we were making plays and then I don't know where that went. I don't know at what point we decided to switch up things or not do things that we had been doing and we sputtered. I really don't have an answer. I don't have an idea why we are doing that or why that is happening."

On the momentum changing today after the missed field goal:

"Yeah, this is a game of up and downs. It's like the NBA; everybody is going to go on runs. Everyone is going to change the momentum and make big plays because this is a professional sport and you have guys on both side of the ball that can do that. At the same time, we still need to be producing. We still need to go out there and contribute. As an offense, we can't ask the defense to shut another offense down every game. We need to put points up on the board to win. How that is going to come about, I guess we will figure that out next week."

On whether the Redskins defense made adjustments today:

"I think they were pretty consistent on what they did throughout the game. They didn't really show us anything that we could not handle. They are a good defense, but still, we just didn't connect. It was a block here, a catch there or a pass there, it was just the inconsistency of the whole thing. It was not just one series, it was throughout the game and we have to fix it. I don't want to say we are in the hole, but it's a long season, a very long season. We can always turn it around, but there has to be a point that we turn it around and get things going."

RT Jon Runyan:

On whether the Redskins defense made adjustments after the 1st drive:

"No, it's just a matter of making plays and putting yourself in long yardage situations. We have been struggling to do that the last few weeks anyway. It just keeps getting worse."

On not being able to put the ball in again on the goal line:

"Everybody is getting a piece of it [the blame]. It's just a matter of getting it in. Everybody has to be perfect in those situations because the creases are not that big. It's just not happening."

On getting TE LJ Smith and RB Brian Westbrook back and whether that should have made a difference:

"In the same light, if you have injuries, you are missing practices and your timing is going to be off. That becomes an issue. So, you have to be out there going over this stuff day in and day out."

On where this team is right now:

"We have been here before. It's not going to be easy, but it's not fun. We just have go to out there and keep trying to win the next one and hope you have a chance to go out there and make a run at the end of the season. That's all you can hope for."

On how much it hurt the defense that the offense had trouble converting on 3rd downs:

"It comes into it. It goes both ways. We have to convert and they have to stop opponents. We both have to do a better job."

Eagles Locker Room Defensive Players

CB Lito Sheppard

On the Washington Redskins running attack:

"That's a good question; we were asking ourselves the same thing. We were trying to make some calls to slow that down but they were able to break some of the gaps and make some of the big runs."

On the team's play throughout the game:

"I think we need to put it together as a team. Not get effort from one side or the other, but together. We need to go out there and do a job each week."

On whether the mind frame of the team is on the coaches' or players' shoulders:

"I think it's a collective group. We're all grown men here so I can't say a coach should motivate us. We all want to go out there and win, play hard, and the best we can, but sometimes it doesn't work out that way. We need to come together as a group and get everything situated."

On whether the defense was on the field too long:

"It goes that way sometimes. We didn't come up with any big plays and they still didn't turn the ball over. We have to get off the field on third downs. As a collective group, on our part, we need to get off the field more."

On if there is cause for concern with this loss:

"There definitely is, you never want to be down two games. We're sitting in last in the division right now, so we have a big hole we have to dig ourselves out of."

On the change in emotions from the last win against the Pittsburgh Steelers:

"I don't think the emotions have ever changed. I think we need to depend on ourselves to come out and play good football. It starts from the top to the last man on this roster. We need to get that understood and corrected."

LB Stewart Bradley

On whether the Redskins adjusted their running attack after the first quarter:

"I think it was in their game plan to run this kind of stretch play so it was a tough play."

On what the team is feeling after a loss at this point in the season:

"It's tough. It's early in the season but we're going to take a look at the film tomorrow and improve from this, but by no means do we feel like we're in a situation that we can't come back from this. It's a tough loss and I think that's obvious, but you can't hang your head and mope about it. Regardless of how the game ends, we're a good football team and we need to show that more on Sunday."

On whether staying on the field for long stretches demoralizes the defense:

"It's tiring obviously. But if we were getting three and outs, it wouldn't be an issue. We need to get off the field and get our offense the ball."

On what they were able to do on the run to break the defense down:

"We have to look at the film. I think they mixed it up a lot and came right at us. They had two backs and widened everything out. [RB Clinton] Portis has good vision so he was able to find a seam. It was a different running attack that they showed in the first four weeks but we have to be able to adjust to that. The one issue with stretching out the defense is that you lose some of your defensive speed so you're kind of ambiguous where you should fit. "

On whether there is an uphill climb ahead:

"Yes, definitely, we're in a tough situation right now. We're in a week before the bye week and we still have ten games left. We're a good football team and I think we all know that but we're disappointed with the product on the field. We're going to get a look at the film, make some improvements, and bounce back."

DE Trent Cole

On whether the defense was worn down throughout the game:

"No, we weren't worn down; we just couldn't get out on third down. We have to stop that. I think we're a good team if we can stop that, we just didn't come out here and get it done."

On the execution on defense:

"It's never good when you don't execute. It's embarrassing. We know we're a great team and we have to go out there and show it. We didn't come out there today and show it."

On whether the team can come back from a loss like this:

"We're going to rally this team back up. This thing isn't over yet, we have a long season to go and we're going to rally this thing back up. We're forced to come out here and be on a mission. Coming off two losses is tough, we have to do something. We're going to make a big change and get after it."

On whether the Redskins did anything different that the defense wasn't prepared for:

"A little bit, but in practice you can't always assimilate what they do but you can get close to it. The coaches did a good job of preparing us well. But the thing is, we have to go out there and execute. No matter what, when you get in a situation like that, you have to know how to go out there and adapt to it. That's why we're professionals. We're in this situation because we know how to adapt to the environment and when they want to change it up we need to learn how to change with it. We need to get it back together and get back out there."

On the running attack aiming at the right side:

"There was a lot of double teaming and combo-ing over there. I go out there and I try and do what I can. In some situations you get the double team, you're kind of helpless."

LB Chris Gocong:

On the team's emotions after a key loss:

"I think we know what we can do. We know our talent level and when we get rolling, we get rolling. We have to find a way to bounce back when we're on our heals, kind of dig ourselves out of the hole and that's something we need to find."

On whether the lack of turnovers is affecting the defense:

"That was one thing I was surprised we didn't get. I thought we were going to have a few turnovers this game. It really comes down to hitting the ball carrier and he was falling forward a lot of times. We need to take pride in that and focus on that next week."


On what went through his mind and how he turned things around after falling behind 14-0:

"Well, I didn't think we had to turn anything around although I looked at the score and we were a little bit shocked just because we didn't do anything. They came out with an incredible drive and they mixed it up, they kept us off balance, and put it away. And then with the return, you know, sometimes things like that happen. I'll tell you what our players did though was they stayed poised. We didn't try to grab bag and then change our whole game plan. I think we just stayed with what we had and then we got the first field goal. The thing that I started chanting, well not chanting, but saying on the sideline was, "just one score at a time. That was number one. Now we just have to work on the second one." However we were going to get it. And I think it was frustrating that we weren't finishing drives again. But again, I think it is a credit to our football team, they stayed poised, they ran the plays called, and they played hard."

On what the offense did better to come back:

"When you play a defense like that its not…they're a very difficult defense to play. The thing that we did was we didn't change our game plan because they had shut us down early. So, it wasn't that we did things different, we just continued on with our game plan and hung in there. What we said coming into a game like this is, "this defense is so good, it can make you look really bad." Which they did. They batted balls down, they completely shut us down, they got after us with the blitz and all I can say is we truly just stayed poised. Our quarterback didn't get flustered because of the pressure that was on him. Our receivers kept fighting to run the disciplined routes. And then it was a guessing game with [Eagles defensive coordinator] Jim Johnson all day. He's so good at changing things up. He's so good at not giving you what you want but running what he wants and he really put his players in good positions to make plays at different times in the game. It wasn't all the time because we did get to move the ball but man, it was tough."

On what the 23 unanswered points say about the resiliency of his team:

"I just think that there are veteran players who understand that it's a long game. It's not just a quick game so if you continue to look at the scoreboard you can get kind of panicy or down on yourselves. I think that has been the case for our football team. It's not getting down on ourselves because of the score. Just go out the next drive and try to do better. That's been the signature of our team."

On the thought behind the option pass from Antwaan Randel El to Chris Cooley:

"I didn't say I want to try it in the red zone, it's a red zone play and at that particular time it was one of our calls. And it was pretty awesome, it really was. It was fun to watch, you know. It was fun to watch."

On how much the team practiced that play:

"You know how many times we practiced that play? Once. That's why with red zone packages it's hard because you can't [script] those things and work on them all week like with first and second down stuff. You know, one time and that's why we talk about it, we talk about it, we talk about it, you get to see it once but you have to be a veteran player to be able to execute it and that's what the difference was on those kind of plays—the execution because we have veteran players running the show."

On the successful running of the two-minute drill going into the half:

"That was really fun. It was fun because our players believe that they can move the ball and did. It gives you a lift coming in at the end of that first half. We did several things. You actually executed your two minute drill, you put a score on the board that got you closer, and then we were getting the ball coming out at halftime. It's kind of a lift coming in."

On what the thought process was on the 4th and 1 call that ran out the clock:

"I had to really put out of my mind what just happened on 3rd and one which was really irritating. On that play I thought we were going to get the first down and it was going to be over, then I had to call time out and get my composure back. It wasn't really anybody's fault. I tried something that we didn't respond well to and so I paid the price on that third down call. And then the fourth down call, I'm telling you, it was all [RB] Clinton Portis. He called the play. I called the formation and how I wanted it set up but he called the play and as he ran the play he willed his way for the first down. I had a great view of his grit and the offensive linemen's grit on that play and he made it. He called it and he ran it and he got it. And that was a huge, huge play in the football game."

On the second straight solid performance from Portis against an NFC East opponent:

"Clinton Portis would say this, "he doesn't do all that running by himself." I mean, our offensive line, they were coming off the ball. They really did a nice job of communicating and it wasn't as though they were playing a very soft defense either. They were coming after it and so we maintained the line of scrimmage. Nobody popped through free, no whiffs if you will, where they could just pound or hit him and once he got to the line of scrimmage he does a really nice job of slicing through defensive lines and that's what he did. He was a slicer and a dicer this football game because coming into this game, you fear them because they've only been giving up 53 yards of rushing per game and that's tough."

On the differences of coaching in the NFC East compared to the other divisions he's coached in:

"This is our division and honestly I recognize the same type of feelings in Seattle for the past seven years we've been playing in these NFC West games. They're really battles, you know. This is not a soft division. This is a very tough division and I think I would say it's the toughest division in football and we're in it and we are certainly not the overriding favorites in this division either. We were just very fortunate to be where we are at. You count every win a blessing when you can get it against these teams because they are very good. These teams are not bad teams, these are really good teams that we are competing against. We just happen to be coming out on the positive end of the score."

On the play of Jason Campbell:

"He's really improved himself as he's gone along here. Now each quarterback today, I think you saw two outstanding QB's. You saw two fighters, guys who really tried to hang in there and Jason, when he needed to, he did stay poised because it was a hard game to know where they were coming from and how to create a protection for us with some of their blitzes and their blitz package. He did a nice job. He got rid of the ball in a couple of hot situations where we didn't have the protection but he maintained his poise and got the ball along."

On what the Eagles defense did that made it hard to get the ball to Santana Moss:

"Whenever we had him on the outside they were rolling up their corner and playing a safety over the top. Whenever we had him inside they were either doubling him with a bracket situation or blitzing so hard and so fast that we didn't have time for a route to develop. Now, we looked for him and we had plays called for him but they just decided, and a team can do this, they just decided that they were going to take him out. I found it very frustrating for me because I wanted some other stuff that Santana could have participated in on a play but I wasn't sure of our protection either. Either based on the type of formation or the type of protection scheme we had I just shied away because they can really take things away from you and just stomp, just pound their hands down and say, "You will not do this." So that made it kind of difficult with Santana today."

On what they defense was able to do to stop the Eagles offense:

"[QB] Donovan [McNabb] is so good and we tried to put a little pressure on him which we did and then our DB's just came up with a couple of good hits and made him check the ball down. He threw a lot of balls underneath and they are a big play offense and I think having them check the ball down…[RB] [Brian] Westbrook is so dangerous. The screens that they ran got yardage. They ran a couple of wide routes to him got yardage and stuff but we didn't give up that big play. You got to tag a guy down when he's down. We jumped over him to allow him to get up and run for 30 yards. That was a rookie, coming from college, he thought ok he's down. I don't want to hit him and all we have to do is tag that receiver but we didn't tag him either. I think our defense was outstanding, making them always go the long field. Part of the difference in the game no question."

On what reserve players made a big impact, filling in for a starter:

"[MLB] H.B. Blades had to come in and we had [DE] Erasmus James up this game and we didn't hit Donovan enough but we did mix our defensive line group enough. I thought a couple players who stood out to me were obviously [MLB] London Fletcher because he had to go through heroics to just eek out a couple of tackles that could have been big, big gains. I saw [RCB] Carlos [Rogers] put the wood to one of their receivers and make him wish he wouldn't have come over the middle. Those were outstanding plays. [FS] LaRon Landry did a really nice job disguising coverage today. Those were the kinds of things that I saw and I really saw an active rookie again in [SS] Chris Horton. Especially down there on a goal line keeping them out, knifing in to get Westbrook on that, I don't know if it was a second down or third down play. Just a great, great football play."

On why he thinks so much is working so early:

"I think it's the way our guys work and practice. They're earning their way. We're not the best team. We have a good team and we are proving that. They just really work hard and they understand what we are trying to say. We have a really good teaching staff here in the assistant coaches that are actually teaching techniques. I think our motto goes "Finish your Assignment with Technique." F.A.T. if you will and that's kind of the things that I think are going on that are creating the opportunities for us. We are hanging in there right to the end."

On what winning different ways does for a football team:

"What we decide is to try to play in the present. We couldn't worry about the 14-0. We had to get the first score. We couldn't worry about how dominate they were being over us. We had to just maintain our poise. When you have the chance to stop them, stop them. When you have the chance to complete the pass, complete it. Those were the things we're more concerned about then thinking about the overall look of this game. I mean, it must of looked frightening to everybody 14-0 early in that football game."

On whether he knew from early on that this would be a Chris Cooley day since they doubled Santana:

"Not really, no. No, not really. Because the whole day I was trying to...I was flipping my game plan all game long, just looking for that nugget and as much as we worked at it. What he did was brought coverage from others. It's one of those deals where it's not that we sacrificed him because we tried to get him the ball but he drew attention. He's so dangerous. He drew attention and you ask him I bet he didn't care because he had to revert to blocking. If he wasn't going to get it he had to block. He concentrated the whole game as well. He was into it the whole day, he never complained one time on the sideline that, "Hey, you're not getting me the ball." I've seen that before on certain teams and he did not do that. He's a real pro and at some point down the road I bet he catches another pass."

QB Jason Campbell

On the mindset in the huddle after falling behind 14-0 early in the opening quarter:

"We just said as a team that we had to continue to keep working. Don't get down on each other, continue to fight, and put this behind us and let's start from this quarter on and push forward. We knew coming in here as an offense that we were going to face a tremendous defense that applies a lot of pressure. One thing we had to do offensively is weather the storm early. They were throwing everything at us early, and they made the plays defensively, and we took our hat off to them. But once we got into a groove, and we were able to catch up to what they were doing, I thought we settled down and started playing good football."

On the effectiveness of the running game and how it helped the offense:

"The running game was big. When you play a team like this that can apply a lot of pressure with blitzes and different looks, you have to have a sound running game. They gave us the opportunity to stay balanced, and a lot of times when we were in a certain situation, I don't think [the defense] could tell if we were running or passing. I think that was big; it kind of held off a little bit of that pressure, and we were able to push forward. Our offensive line did an outstanding job. They had a lot of things to look at today, a lot of different looks, and I thought that 4th-and-2 was big. That was probably one of the biggest plays this season, to take that chance right there. If we don't get it, they get the ball right there at midfield almost, but if we do get it, it seals the game and [QB Donovan] McNabb doesn't have a chance to go back and win it. I thought that was an outstanding play and probably the biggest play of the game."

On the broken play on 3rd down right before the big 4th down conversion:

"We had some confusion there. The players know what happened. It's something we cannot have in that situation, but at the same time, the guys kept their poise and got ready for the next play, and quickly put it behind us."

On whether he was surprised to go for it on 4th down:

"No, I'm not surprised. I think it's the third time this year in situations similar to that, [head coach Jim Zorn] went for it. It shows a lot of trust in our offensive line and a lot of trust in our running game that we can get that first down. I'm definitely not surprised, because if you give a guy like [QB Donovan] McNabb the ball back with two minutes left, you never know how the score may turn out in the end. I think [Coach] had a chance to go for it right there, and he trusted the guys, and he went for it."

On the improvement in the running game with G Randy Thomas and T Jon Jansen healthy:

"It's big. Last season, we missed all of them. The first two starts of last season, we lost Jon in the first game and lost Randy in the second game. You're talking about a lot of experience on the offensive line and a lot of guys who have been in there together. To have that offensive line chemistry with as many years they've been together, it's huge. It's hard to bring a younger guy in there and teach those same techniques and those same looks. When you've got a veteran in there, a guy who has been in there and seen all kinds of different blitzes and all kinds of different stunts the defensive line can do, it makes a difference."

On the increased attention he expects to see from other teams after two big wins back-to-back against Dallas and Philadelphia:

"Anytime you're winning in the National Football League and especially in this division, people start to talk about you. One thing that we have to do as a team is continue to understand that we must improve, because now teams are going to put that ‘X' on our back, and they're going to turn it up a notch more when they play us. We have to be ready for that. We have to continue to understand that we're now a team that has to stick together, and continue to keep pushing each other in practice, and push forward, and not get caught up in everything that's going on around us. Stay together as a team and stay within the team, and do what we have to do from week-to-week."

On his relationship with head coach Jim Zorn and its growth from week-to-week:

"He's an intense coach. He's an intense coach, and I think it filters out throughout the team. I can remember in the first quarter, I'm getting ready to go on the field, I see him right there jumping like he's getting loose to go out and play. I looked at him and said, ‘Coach, you about to go play?' [He said] ‘No, I'm just getting ready. I've got to get ready for the game also.' [I said] ‘Oh okay, just let me know if you want to swap shoulder pads or thigh pads or something.' Like I said, he's intense and he loves football. He loves football and he feels like he's in the game, and I think that's how players respond to him."

On getting the win despite WR Santana Moss being shut down by the defense:

"It's big. One thing that's going to do is help Santana down the road, when teams understand that there are other players on the team that can make a lot of plays for us, and Santana is our big play guy. They did everything they could today to keep him out of the game, and our other guys stepped up – [TE Chris] Cooley and [WR Antwaan] Randle El, and our run game stepped up. It took us in another direction, but I can't say enough about Santana because he's such a great guy. On the sideline, most guys, if they don't have a catch, they're complaining. Not him. He's on the sidelines saying this is some of the best fun he's had playing. He's like, ‘I didn't have any catches today, but we're winning.' He said that the way we came back and won was big. He's been having great games up to this point, and he's going to continue to have great games down the road, but just for him to say that to his teammates meant a lot."

On the passing touchdown by WR Antwaan Randle El:

"He had a better [completion] percentage than I did today, but he's still got a long way to go. [jokingly] I got upset with him today."

On the Eagles defense and its pressure and blitz packages:

"They're fast. One thing about them, they're a fast defense. Those guys come off the edge quick, they come up the middle quick, they bring safeties, they bring corners. You have to almost have eight eyes to see everybody they bring so much pressure. Our guys were able to respond and stay within the game. We didn't get away from our gameplan. I thought that was the biggest key."-

RB Clinton Portis

On the mentality of the offense after falling behind 14-0 early in the first quarter:

"I think we just stuck with our gameplan. We got down, they got the ball first. Then we had a three-and-out and gave up a touchdown on special teams. We still hadn't executed our gameplan. I think we stuck with what we believed in and got going. Luckily for us, [K Shaun] Suisham was on point early and kept us in the game, and all of the sudden we just started rolling as a team."

On his play-calling on 4th down that enabled the team to run out the clock:

"I just stepped to the sideline and told [head coach Jim Zorn], ‘I think it'd be a great play.' He set it up throughout the season, and we'd been throwing the ball on short yardage, so just to keep the defense off their feet. I said, ‘Coach, I think it'd be a great play.' He [just] looked at me. I didn't know he was going to call it, and then when we got in the huddle, [QB] Jason [Campbell] called the play, so I knew [Coach] believed in me, and I had to get those two yards."

On the success running against the best statistical rushing defense in the league:

"We know this is a tough team to run against. I think our offensive line just took it personally. They had the opportunity last week to come out and make a statement, and this week they come out and do it again. I think just as a team, we're gelling. I think our passing game has been effective enough for teams all of the sudden can't drop that safety in the box and put an extra man there. I think they were more concerned about taking the deep ball away from us today, which they did. We had to find a way to grind it out. [TE Chris] Cooley made some big plays downfield and opened things up, and the running game got going."

On more detail regarding his play call on 4th down late in the game:

"Like I said, [Coach] had been setting it up throughout the season. You don't know what we're going to do, and I think that's the livelihood of the Washington Redskins right now, because it can be 3rd-and-25 and we come out with a run play, or it can be 3rd-and-inches and we come out with a deep ball. It's a great way to keep defenses honest and off-balance. I just thought that would be a great call, and with the flow of the game, having scored on the draw play earlier, I'm sure they weren't expecting us to come back with it, so I just told Coach, ‘This would be a great call,' and he made the call."

On the improvement of the offense this season with T Jon Jansen and G Randy Thomas now healthy:

"I think, as a team, you can't knock [G/T Jason] Fabini or [T Stephon] Heyer, because we didn't have a passing game to complement the running game when they were in there [last season]. We didn't keep teams off-balance. It was unfair to us, having to throw them into the fire, and all of the sudden teams stack the box and it looks like we can't run the ball. Now that we have a balanced attack, it's just lucky for us that Randy and Jansen are back. Things are going good. Overall as a team, things are going well for us right now."

On the confidence in executing 4th down plays after several successful conversions:

"It's just the determination. When you get an opportunity to put teams away, in past years we had those opportunities and couldn't do it, and all our games came down to the wire. This year, so far, all our games have been coming down to the wire again. It's just having that opportunity to try in the 4th quarter. I think we got the ball back with about eight minutes left, [and it was] the determination with the offensive line not to come off the field, not to put [QB Donovan] McNabb and the Eagles back on the field. They have a saying in the huddle, ‘Let's finish on the field,' and lately we've been finishing on the field."

On the difference in the offense between the opening game and now:

"Week one, it was grooming. I think we're still grooming with guys catching on, guys making plays. You saw [WR] Devin Thomas step up, and I think he had his biggest game as a rookie today. He made a couple big catches. As a team, the guys believe in him. He got to the sidelines, guys told him, ‘We're going to believe in you. You've got to play a crucial role.' He stepped it up. I think, as a team, everybody's stepping it up. When your number's called, guys getting opportunities, it's like a fire. Once one guy catches on fire, everybody catches on, too. [TE Chris] Cooley caught on fire first, and kept us going. All of the sudden, the offensive line and [FB] Mike Sellers began to block great and open up lanes. It was just contagious."

On his evaluation of the offense over the last two weeks:

"Sporadic. You don't know what we're going to do. That's the great thing about it. If you line up thinking you know what we're calling -- we don't even know what we're calling sometimes. I get in the huddle and hear [QB] Jason [Campbell] call the play, and I'm like, ‘We just put that in this morning!' And that's the second play we call. You just never know. I think [head coach Jim] Zorn is doing a great job calling plays and keeping guys involved."

On whether he gets to watch the defense from the sidelines:

"Yes, I always watch them. That defense is led by a great person. When you're led by [LB] London Fletcher, like I said, it's contagious on defense, too. There was a play where [the Eagles] had the ball and London Fletcher stuck his head in there, and it sounded off throughout the stadium. I think that was a changing point. Guys on the sidelines were saying, ‘Oh you heard that!' All of the sudden, the defense comes out and makes stops, and [the offense] finds a way to go downfield and get three points, and it just caught on and worked out for us."

On his two rushes for big gains in the 2nd half:

"As a running back, what you want to do is get to the second level. If you can get to the second level, you have a [good] opportunity. In years past, it was kind of dodging in the backfield and stopped at the line of scrimmage. Now, having a passing game opens things up, and we're getting to the second level, which allows you to make a guy miss or break a tackle and get downfield. As you saw today, [WR] Santana [Moss] was blocking great downfield, and once you get going, guys are just having fun out [there]. I think [G] Randy [Thomas] asked me, ‘When are you going to break a long one?' I told him, ‘I'm just glad to have a 20-yarder now.' These used to be hard to come by, but in the last couple weeks I think I've had two or three. I just told him, ‘Keep pounding, and I'm going to keep pounding, and we're going to find a way to stick it in.' Whether I go 90 yards or three chunks of 30, it's going to add up, so let's just keep plugging."

On having three NFC East road games in the first five weeks of the season:

"I think the NFL was trying to throw us in the fire. They were trying to get us out of this division quick so you don't have to worry about the Redskins. [They] put us on the road for three consecutive weeks against three tough divisional opponents. I don't know if anybody else started they're schedule off like that or not, but it was tough for us, and I think we play our best football when our backs are up against the wall. And we did."

On the challenge of matching up against the Eagles rush defense:

"Every week, you come in to do something different. I always thought we had one of the best defenses since I've been here, and I've seen teams come out and just find a way to have our number. [RB Brian] Westbrook killed us before, and I can remember [former Kansas City RB] Priest Holmes, and [San Diego RB] LaDainian [Tomlinson] doing it, so you never know. Every week is a different week, and you've got to keep coming out plugging. I think we came in here with the mindset and attitude that this is going to be a dogfight, and we kept plugging and found a way to win."

On any surprises he's seen in the offense:

"No surprises, I think it's just finally time that we display the talent that we have. Everybody's touching the ball. I don't think there's one selfish guy in that locker room, [not] one ‘me' guy who feels like he needs to out-shine another guy. Every week, it's whoever can make it happen, whoever is going to get the ball, whoever gets on fire first pulls the other guys with him. Early on, that was [WR] Santana [Moss], and I don't event think Santana had many catches today. But if you look at his work blocking, I think it was one of his best games blocking of his career. He was excited about that. He kept running to the sideline, ‘I'm blocking like you! I'm blocking like you!' He was excited about blocking today, and that was a first."

Washington Redskins Locker Room Offensive/Defensive Team Quotes

LB Rocky McIntosh

On what they did to stay positive after going down 14-0:

"The Eagles were running a lot of reverses in the beginning of the game and we just had to take it. They really threw everything at us in the beginning there is in the book. I think then as we stayed in the game as a defense we just said it was time to let loose."

On whether Westbrook seemed to slow down after some kind of an injury:

"We practiced this whole week like [RB]Brian Westbrook was going to be playing 100%. He made a lot of great plays in the beginning of the game and really did not make to many adjustments on him when he came back into the game."

On how big the win was to beat Dallas and then the Eagles:

"I think we showed a lot of people out there that we were someone to be reckoned with. We just want to continue to believe in ourselves and not let it go to our heads. We are a team right now that should be up at the top."

T Jon Jensen

On how they were able to run on a great Eagles run defense:

"We have a lot of confidence in RB Clinton [Portis] and the coaching staff has a lot of faith in our offensive line. We came out at first and were not as sharp as we wanted to be and did not execute. We came out in the second half and really then executed our game plan."

On how the offense felt when they were down 14-0:

"You really do not want to know. It just really did not feel good to see that right off the bat. We had to recognize that we could not keep making some mistakes and see what the Eagles were doing out there. We knew that we could get back in the game if we did not continue to make our own mistakes."

On whether the coaching staff wanted to stick with the run down 14 points:

"We made some mistakes in the first quarter but we really left ourselves plenty of time in the game to make a come back. We really stuck to the game plan and did enough that allowed us to get back into the game. I give a ton of credit to the coaches to stick with the run when we were down like we were."

On what it felt like to see the running game rush for over 200 yards:

"We are very happy with the performance that we saw in the run game tonight. It is a matter of pride for us. I really am so proud of our entire offensive line and all our running backs."

WR Santana Moss

On what his role was in the game without any receptions:

"In the game I was able to lay a block that took out two guys for a big gain and that is what I want to do as a player. What is most important is not how many grabs I have but getting a win."

On whether these are huge wins to beat Dallas and then Philadelphia on the road:

"It is really some big wins for us but we do have to realize that our job is not done yet. There are going to be a bunch of teams that are now going to come into our place and try and destruct what we have accomplished thus far. We will have to learn to just take it week to week. Enjoy it this week but know that someone is going to be coming after us. We have to put this win behind us this week and get ready for us next opponent."

On whether he feels the team showed a lot of character coming back in the game:

"This is why you play the game. No guy on the field should ever feel like they will give in during any game. Just because you are down a couple of points should just make you want to make a big play and then do it. Every time you get on the field you are given an opportunity to make a play and you can do it or not. I think today we made it happen after the first quarter when it was given to us."

On whether he was happy with the balance of the pass and run in the game:

"I think in the game you have to stick with what a defense gives to you. I think we came in with a game plan and were able to do what we wanted to do. We seemed to have guys blocking really well all over the play and[RB]Clinton[Portis] really ran the ball great. QB Jason [Campbell] kicked the ball out well to the backs and passed really well. It was just all the way around a nice team effort."

FB Mike Sellers

On the way they were able to establish the running game:

"I think as the game went on things started to open up for us.[RB]Clinton [Portis] was able to score later in the game because I hit the safety and a lane opened up. The offensive line and blocking in the game was great."

On the play of T Jon Jansen:

"I noticed that as the game went on he got his swagger back. He sat out a couple of games and he got his game back. Nobody ever wants to go from a starter to a backup. I think it hurt him and he wanted to go out and show the coaching staff that he really still has it."

On whether they had the mentality that they were going to run the ball no matter what:

"I think everyone in this conference knows that the Redskins like to run the ball. Some people wanted to say we could not run the ball and all that makes us want to do is run the ball. If it doesn't work we are going to give it everything we have to make sure that it does work."

CB Carlos Rogers

On what it feels like to have only given up 58 yards on the ground:

"The Eagles really came out with some great plays and some misdirection plays that had us beat. After that they got off that and started to call plays and I thought we went out and really made plays on them. They then got back to what they usually do and we were ready for it."

On what the cornerbacks did to change what [QB] Donovan [McNabb]did:

"I think what we did was we wanted to give him different looks. He is a great quarterback and knows what to do. If he saw we were in cover two we wanted to switch quickly to not show him what he wanted to see. We just really wanted to mix up our looks on the run and tried to confuse him."

On what has changed from last year on defense from this year:

"I think this year we are communicating with one another a lot more. When our coaching staff tells us something that we need to improve on we are doing it. I think during the week people are seeing that they can make changes and then when the game comes it is easy."

On whether the Eagles offense got stale after the first quarter:

"It did not surprise me at all that they slowed down on offense. We really mixed up our coverage and I think it might have confused them a bit. They had a lot of routes that we did not see watching film. I think we kept playing hard and they really did not have an answer to what we were able to do."

TE Chris Cooley

On what are the possibilities for this team:

"I think right now we have put ourselves in a great spot. Our biggest goal this year is to win the division and then see what happens. Even though we are 4-1 right now it is going to be very tough to win in this division. The NFC East is really wild right now with some great teams."

On whether he is happy with the lack of their turnovers:

"I am really surprised that we have not had that many turnovers. There are always balls that get tipped or a helmet to the football,but that has not happened a lot. To not have a turnover right now is impressive. To not have anything bad happen to us yet is kind of really being lucky."

On if he anticipated that he would see the ball more than [WR] Santana [Moss]:

"I did go in at halftime and told our coaches that I was getting covered by a linebacker all the time. I felt confident and that is not saying anything bad about the Eagles linebackers but I thought that I had a good matchup. I was able to make some good plays and it feels good."

On the touchdown play he caught from [WR] Antwaan Randle El:

"We have been running a lot of double reverses and misdirection plays thus far this year. I sold the run hard on the back side and then they gave us man coverage and my guy bite on the run. I kind of got stuck on a block and could not get off my guy but Randal El sold the play well and made a great pass to me.

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