Jay Cutler Interest? Sources say Yes.

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Whether or not the Redskins ever trade for Jay Cutler, there's one question the team can't answer: why wouldn't you have interest in him? If you don't, are you really doing your job?

OK, that's two questions, but it's why it's hard for me to believe any denials coming from them. First, that's not a slam on Vinny Cerrato or anyone else with the organization. People will question Cerrato's credibility, but he's an executive VP in charge of football operations. If the Redskins don't get Cutler, why would he say they had interest? It would make no sense. None at all.

But do the math: the Redskins have a quarterback in the last year of his contract, one they don't want to negotiate an extension with at this time, and there's a Pro Bowl quarterback available.

If you don't express interest in that quarterback, you're not trying to improve the franchise. Period.

And we all know Dan Snyder will look at everything to improve the franchise.

Also, if Jason Campbell is absolutely your guy, then give the extension. Judge by actions, not words.

But I know what I was told and I'll never doubt the source. Ever. Plus, my colleague, Rick Snider, heard the same thing from a completely different source – at around the same time as when I heard. In fact he was on the phone with this source when I emailed him to say: get a load of this. We got it double-checked with a source and ran with it.

The sources are well-connected in the NFL. There's no way I'd put out a story like this if I/we didn't feel confident in what they knew – and have known in the past.

Cutler may never play for the Redskins. But it makes sense that they'd be interested. It also makes sense that they would deny the possibility. That's what I would do, too.

John Keim covers the Redskins for the Washington Examiner and is a contributing editor for Warpathinsiders.com. He has covered the team since 1994. Some of his other stories can be found at dcexaminer.com

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